Something which gets a lot of attention internally, but not in our external communication is the planning for and investment in a new dryer in the carbon process. It might not sound so exciting, but despite of the obvious advantages for our customers when it comes to increased availability and higher productivity, a new drier will massively improve the environmental performance. Work with the layout of the new dryer is done right now and we have good hopes that it will be possible to run it by using biogas, instead of oil as being used in the present dryer. However, the investment is substantial, so to make it possible we have applied for a subsidy by Klimatklivet* (see below).

*Klimatklivet is an investment subsidy given to promote local and regional actions to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases having an impact on the climate. The investment is part of the state budget decided by the Swedish parliament and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency decides who will receive support.