Carbomax are active in the development of Vasteras Harbour

The import of minerals, carbon products, ferro alloys and metals to the Carbomax facility in Vasteras is mainly done by ship over lake Malaren to Vasteras Harbour. We are dependent of maritime transports to our plant and stocks and will always choose this way of transport when it is practically feasible.

We participate in ILA (the network for infrastructure and logistic) to be able to influence the future development of the maritime transports and Vasteras Harbour.

ILAs main object is a well-functioning freight traffic for the industries in our district Vastmanland to be able to create a sustainable growth in the region. The aim is to remove all possible obstacles, so the target of a well functioned freight traffic can be reached.

Today is Malardalen a region of very strained communications. If the development of the maritime traffic is limited, it will have an impact on the possible future growth in the area. On the other hand, if it develops at its best it can free up more capacity on rail and road, to the better for all.

Well-functioning transportation has a great importance for the country as a whole. Maintenance and investments in the existing infrastructure must be prioritised. There is a concern that the big focus on high speed train may reduce the willingness to invest in the existing infrastructure. In the National Transport Strategy there is a pronounced ambition that more goods should be moved on sea and rail, rather than on roads. That will have a positive influence on the environment, but tariffs and taxes have then to be better coordinated than today.

You can follow the work within the project on, e.g. will the trafficability increase with in the canal of Sodertalje and the waterways of lake Malaren.