NKI-resultat 2018

As many of our customers already know, the result of the CSI-survey has newly been communicated. The survey was carried out by an external partner as in previous surveys. This survey was the third one Carbomax was carrying out and the first one since the merger in between Carbomax and AB Ferrolegeringar last year.  The result is on the tenth part alike as in the latest survey, namely 81,0. A result to be proud of. Since there is so few companies in our business to compare with, we have looked on the Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index), who carry out measurements every year and across all industries. The mean value over all businesses is 67 and they interpret a result above 75 as ”very good”. We should be happy over the result, but we understand we must work hard to maintain this level.

Do you want to know more about how we did the survey, contact André Ulmgren, Carbomax.