This is Carbomax

Carbomax is an expert of adapting carbons and alloys for processing at steel works and foundries. Since 1992 we deliver solutions living up to high standards of service, accuracy and flexibility.

Our location in Västerås, just by the lake of Mälaren, enables us to deliver large volumes at short notice. We are driven by constantly developing processes and products raising the quality and the efficiency for our customers.

For some years we have also been briquetting industrial waste from our customers to facilitate recycling of metals, for example in an arc furnace. This process is being continously developed regarding the art of waste, recipe and binder.

On September 1, 2017, the merging of AB Ferrolegering (ABF) with Carbomax AB was completed. The process of the merging has been ongoing since late 2014 when RI Holding AB acquired ABF. The new Carbomax now also comprises ABF´s specialty such as niobium, nickel, molybdenum, manganese and cored wire. Carbomax will also continue the development of a patent referring production of ferromolybdenum.

An example of this is our most recent investment, the plant for recycleable briquettes, which you can read more about below. Our ongoing process development has resulted in ISO-certificates within the areas of quality and environment. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 since the year of 2002.

Carbomax started its operation in 1992 and the revenue for the fused companies is SEK 1 000 million. The company has 28 employees and is calculated to deliver 100 000 MT raw material to the metallurgical industry.

Carbon: The Carbon products consist of a variety of raw materials used in the production processes at steelworks and foundries, such as anthracite, pet coke and graphite. These products are processed by Carbomax to suit customer specific requirements for different purposes e.g. carburization, reduction and/or foaming.

Alloys: Include a broad range of bulk alloys and other metals used by steelworks and foundries. Usually, these products are not processed by Carbomax, although certain processing may occur.

Briquettes: Briquetting offers solutions for steelworks and foundries to re-use their residual products or other materials containing useful metals. Also, certain briquettes are based on fines from alloy production.

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