This is Carbomax

Carbomax was founded by Robert Idegren in July 1992. In the arly stages of the history, Carbomax the operations consisted of importing carbon products to Sweden to be processed by another company.

Today Carbomax is a leading developer and supplier of key raw materials to the metallurgical industry in the Nordic region. The company sources, designs and delivers carbon additives and alloys, as well as recycles residual products from the steel production through the manufacturing of briquettes. Our ambition is to create unique solutions that are customized according to individual needs and requirements. Carbomax products are sourced from various mining companies and producers of raw materials. With warehousing facilities covering strategically important regions throughout Sweden, Carbomax is able to provide reliable deliveries to steelworks and foundries, while minimizing costs for logistics.

During the last two years, Carbomax has invested significantly to develop briquettes based on recycling of residual products from steel production, meeting a rapid expanding demand and market potential. Carbomax operations are divided into three main business areas: Carbon products, Alloys and Briquettes (see below).

The Carbomax brand is well-recognized in the industry, representing quality and reliability. In early 2002, Carbomax became certified for both ISO 9001 and 14001 by Bureau Veritas.

Carbon: The Carbon products consist of a variety of raw materials used in the production processes at steelworks and foundries, such as anthracite, pet coke and graphite. These products are processed by Carbomax to suit customer specific requirements for different purposes e.g. carburization, reduction and/or foaming.

Alloys: Include a broad range of bulk alloys and other metals used by steelworks and foundries. Usually, these products are not processed by Carbomax, although certain processing may occur.

Briquettes: Briquetting offers solutions for steelworks and foundries to re-use their residual products or other materials containing useful metals. Also, certain briquettes are based on fines from alloy production.

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